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About us

Foundation CR14 was established by the Estonian Ministry of Defence on the 1st of January 2021 and is based on more than 10 years of military-grade cyber range experience in cybersecurity training, exercises, testing, validation and experimentation. CR14 is a government-owned and operated entity, which offers cybersecurity-related research and development for domestic and international; private and public sector partners.

Cooperation with private and public entities

International military cooperation

Cyber Ranges

Cyber Range

Cyber Range is a unique software-based virtual environment that is used for cybersecurity training and for the development of dual-use innovative technologies using cyberspace. It provides tools that help to strengthen the security and performance of cyber-physical and IT systems of private companies and national and international organizations (such as NATO and the EU) leading to secure trustworthy products and cyber-savvy personnel.

Cyber ranges are by essence high-performance data centres, built to provide the basis for real-life scenario-based live-fire and table-top exercises for companies and national teams to test, validate and develop their cyber security products, readiness, and capability.

Open Cyber Range

Open Cyber Range

OCR is a virtual environment used for cybersecurity training and technology testing and development. The CR14’s OCR platform will include tools and products that are not part of standard cloud service.

In addition to providing a platform for cybersecurity companies to develop, test and validate their innovative products, it also creates a launchpad for new products to emerge into the market and promotes security thinking and cybersecurity educational activities, especially in the private sector. OCR will also be one of the test bases for NATO DIANA.

National Cyber Range

Estonian Cyber Range

The Estonian national CR provides national and bi-lateral cyber defence training and is the home base for the world´s largest international cyber exercises such as Locked Shields and Crossed Swords.

In addition, CR14 as well as the NATO CCDCOE use this CR for research and development. Since NATO’s 2014 Wales Summit its infrastructure serves as the basis for the creation of the NATO Cyber Range.

The Estonian national CR is based on more than ten years of operating experience, arguably being one of the earliest establishments of its kind globally.

NATO Cyber Range

NATO Cyber Range

NATO CR is a platform and data centre enabling NATO to conduct its largest cyber defence exercises and training such as the Cyber Coalition and the Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise (CWIX). CR14 is proud of the opportunity to serve the development of NATO’s capacity in this area since 2014 and to support Allies in achieving better preparedness for cyber-attacks.

Classified Cyber Range

Classified Cyber Range

Our mission is to explore the art of cybersecurity which might sometimes extend beyond the limits of unclassified.


Cyber Coalition Executed from CR14 in Tallinn First Time Ever

NATO’s flagship exercise for improving collaboration within the alliance’s cyberspace domain, Cyber Coalition 2021, was executed today from the cyber competence centre CR14, which provides the virtual environment on its NATO Cyber Range for playing through technical scenario

Strategic Partners

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